Program Directors


Lieutenant General Robb Jackson

RDC Programs Director
Home Chapter: USS Columbus

Commodore Anthony Leopard

RDC of Operations
Home Chapter: Bennu Station

Captain Darrell Millner

RDC of Engineering
Home Chapter: USS Heimdal

Commodore James Ortega

RDC of Computer Operations
Home Chapter: USS Indiana

Rear Admiral John Hoppa

RDC of Communications
RDC of the Newsletter Exchange Program
Home Chapter: USS Renegade

Admiral Richard Heim

RDC of Sciences
Home Chapter: USS Alaric

Rear Admiral Susan Mahaffey

RDC of Health & Medical Sciences
Home Chapter: USS Ronald E McNair

Vice Admiral Barbara Lariscy

RDC of Counselors
Home Chapter: USS Ronald E McNair

Admiral Greg Franklin

RDC of Paranormal Sciences
Home Chapter: USS Reprisal

Commodore James Cecil

RDC of Logos & Graphics
Home Chapter: USS Commonwealth

Vice Admiral Stephen Thomas

RDC of Uniforms & Costuming
Home Chapter: USS Liberator

Admiral Ruth Lane

Director of the Alien Ambassadore Corps
Home Chapter: USS Liberator

Rear Admiral Janice Graham

Director of the Starcrafters Program
Home Chapter: USS Renegade
Director of the Diplomatic Corps
RDC of Security
RDC of Tactical Operations
RDC of Fitness
Director of the Cadet Acceleration Program