Regional Communications


Region One has a variety of communication venues for the members to keep informed and to interact with each other; these include 4 email listservs, and 2 Facebook Groups (Public and Private). Additionally, the Regional members are encouraged to join and participate in the communication venues offered by STARFLEET International.


The Region One Listservs:

Join information coming soon!

r1-chat – Used for general communications open to all members of the region.

r1-command – Used to connect Regional Staff with chapter Commanding and Executive Officers only.

r1-staff – Used for communication between Regional Staff only.

r1-offices – Used for communication between R1 Staff and Regional Department and Program leadership.

r1-election – Used expressly for Regional elections only.

Region One Facebook Presence:

The Public Regional Facebook Group can be found at : To reach the private Facebook Group, please contact a member of the R1 Staff, Your Chapter Command Team, or post a request for access on the Public Group.

In addition to the public and private Facebook groups there are a number of groups setup for specific departments and programs:

(listed below in no particular order)

  • Region One Counselors
  • Region One Chaplain Corps
  • Region One Logos and Graphics Department
  • Region One Operations Department
  • Region One Security Officers
  • Region One Gaming
  • Region One Alpha Sector
  • Region One Commanding Officers Network
  • Region One Awards Program
  • Region One ASG Medical
  • Region One Space Camp Fund
  • Region One Star Crafters
  • Region One Corps of Engineers

STARFLEET International Facebook Presence:

STARFLEET maintains a Members Only Facebook Group, an admin will be required to verify that you are a current member of SFI in good standing according to the information in the STARFLEET Member Database before you will be approved to view the group. You can apply to the group at if you are not a member of SFI, you can join at