USS Mountaineer NCC-325306

USS Mountaineer NCC-325306
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CLASS :  Crossfield
AFFILIATION :  Starfleet

LAUNCHED :  10/04/2022
COMMISSIONED :  10/04/2022

We are a multifaceted Sci-Fi Fan club with a bases in Star Trek, but we like many others interested in Sci-Fi are into all the various Sci-Fi areas. If you have a liking for Sci-Fi, we are a place for you. While we run the club based upon the roles of the Star Trek universe, we recognize all the other various Sci-Fi endeavors. We follow many other types of Sci-Fi  shows, Babylon5, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica, The Orville,  SeaQuest DSV just to mention a few.
As our Motto we have chosen: Ad audacter qua montani semper liberi, which means “To go Boldly where the Mountaineers are always free”
We live by the Prime Directive of Starfleet.
In modern views, we do not judge others on their beliefs, cultures, histories, we understand and accept that each person comes from a distinct culture, and each must accept this culture as it is the foundation of each of our core values. Each person who is a member of our group understands that at its core we are humans and part of this means we accept each other will have differences in opinions, thoughts, customs, religious views, race,  creed, and history.
We are made stronger by the diversity of our group. We are all inclusive in our membership. While we may not agree with each other views we as a group are beyond such petty arguments. We seek not to judge, condone, reprimand people on their views, we however seek to learn about each other as we take part in our group. We understand that certain subjects will cause undo arguments and tension which is not productive nor required.
It was the mission of Gene Roddenberry to show a world which was better, a world of acceptances, a world of equally voices, a  world of one set goal. To be the  best we can. We uphold and honor his vision in this group and will always strive to be the best no matter the situation.

Charleston, WV
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