RDC Engineering

Captain Darrell Millner
RDC of Engineering    Region One
USS Heimdal NCC-1793
Chief Engineering Officer
R1 / Delta-Sector

Captain D.Millner

Captain Darrell W Millner                          R1 RDC of Engineering
USS Heimdal NCC-1793                        Chief Engineering Officer

Welcome to the
R1 (RDC) Regional Department of Engineering Program

Please note after welcome session copies of communications are posted in reverse sequence allowing most recent data to be easily accessible.

Let’s begin with introductions, my name is Darrell W. Millner, recently appointed as the Regional Department Chief (RDC) of Engineering for Region One. I am also honored to be the Chief Engineer* on the USS Heimdal NCC-1793 under the command of Adm. Linda Smith & XO Adm Willy Smith...

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