Simplified Proposed Staffing

  • RC
    • Chief of Staff
    • SVRC
      • Sector Attache Officer
        • Sector Laison Officers
          Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma
          • Chapter Command Teams
            Chapters Commands divided by Sectors
      • Regional Auxiliary Attache
        • Auxiliiary Laison Officers
          Academy Rep, SFMC BOIC, SFSO OIC, Medical ASG, and Petfleet Rep
      • VRC
        • Regional Programs Attache
          • Regional Program Managers
            Titles vary by program but include: Awards, Sciences, Operations, Engineering, Security, Star Crafters, Logo and Graphics, Uniforms and Costuming, Alien Ambassador Corps, Paranormal, and more programs in the future.
        • Regional Communications Officer
          • Department Managers
            Titles vary by department but include: Publications (newsletter) and Social Media,
        • Regional Development Officer
          • Shakedown Operations
          • Recruiting and Retention Laison
      • Regional IT Liason
        • IT Department
          Titles vary by department but include Web Services and Computer Operations
      • Regional Finance Officer
        • Quarter Master
    • JAG Officer