RDC Engineering

Captain Darrell Millner
RDC of Engineering    Region One
USS Heimdal NCC-1793
Chief Engineering Officer
R1 / Delta-Sector

Captain D.Millner

Captain Darrell W Millner                          R1 RDC of Engineering
USS Heimdal NCC-1793                        Chief Engineering Officer


Welcome to the
R1 (RDC) Regional Department of Engineering Program

Please note after welcome session copies of communications are posted in reverse sequence allowing most recent data to be easily accessible.

Let’s begin with introductions, my name is Darrell W. Millner, recently appointed as the Regional Department Chief (RDC) of Engineering for Region One. I am also honored to be the Chief Engineer* on the USS Heimdal NCC-1793 under the command of Adm. Linda Smith & XO Adm Willy Smith. I began my STARFLEET engagement in 1984** .  I stepped away for several years in the late 90’s, moved around the country in the 2010’s, but my wife and I have always been connected to the USS Heimdal and her amazing leadership and crew.
Having always supported our chapter this is my first tour in supporting Region One directly. With the solid backing and support of RDC Programs Director Lt Gen Robert Jackson & VRC Comm Kevin Plummer, plus the approval and backing of RC Brigadier Phillip Cox I accepted this challenge on SD: 202207.16 and look forward to working with my fellow Engineers thru out the Region and supporting STARFLEET Corps of Engineers (Newly established program – spearheaded by Capt. Erin Sandwich Initiated SD:202207.13).
Sadly the former RDC Engineering Jason Schreck (an amazing leader, a wealth of information, and rock in the Star Trek and Star Wars fandom community) passed away in late 2021. And where the program has lost focus we will rebuild on the strength and path he had established through many years of faithful service.
The initial phase of this program relaunch is to reconnect with the Chief Engineers of Region One, to provide information exchange, reporting guidance, and association. We will be announcing coordinates for a monthly video conference and gathering “Raktajino & Scones with the RDC of Engineering” via zoom shortly to allow the team to get to know one another and discuss our course moving forward.

  • What is the RDC Program? We are not just about collecting reports, we seek to have programs that will add value to the region and letting you know as Chief Engineers “you are not alone out there”.  As we continue to develop this program our intention is to help each other to gather information, resources and or ideas that can help us all do our jobs better. We are here to serve, support, and inspire – not to tell any ship or department that they should or shouldn’t do something. Having said that, know if we can serve as a sounding board, provide suggestions, understand the frustrations, we will.

I want to welcome all of you to the program and I look forward to supporting you and your crew on this amazing STARFLEET journey.

“It’s no tribble at all”
Darrell Millner
R1 RDC Engineering

= = = = = = = = = = =

* Several Tours in this position
** Looking for the original card
*** ECT# Engineering Comm Traffic

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ECT:006 SD:202209.18 Moving forward we will begin with a Monthly RDC Engineering Zoom call on the 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm ET.  This is intended for Region One Chief Engineers, Assistant Chief Engineers and/or vessel engineering representatives (plus any R1 CO/XO that is covering the Engineering position at this time).

ECT:005 SD:202209.18  Copy of the overview in PPT format, 20220914 Raktajino and Scones Share

ECT:004 SD: 202209.09 /

Incoming Message…
Attn: Region One Chief Engineers and/or vessel engineering representatives
“Raktajino & Scones with the RDC of Engineering”
Time: Sep 14, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (USA)
Details and coordinates regarding have been emailed to current responder’s,
If you did not receive an invite please email directly at r1engineering@r1.sfi.org
Please include your vessels name and your Engineering role.


Suggested Resources

ECT:003 – There are more online resources at your fingertip than you might imagine

    • STARFLEET International  https://SFI.ORG
    • Region One                             https://r1.sfi.org
    • R1 RDC Engineering             https://r1.sfi.org/starfleet-region-1-engineering/
    • STARFLEET Academy          https://es.sfi.org/academy/login/index.php
    • STARFLEET                                     https://discord.gg/mfBnpJDz
    • Region 1 RC Office                           https://discord.gg/ZtdfKybh
    • R1 Gaming                                         https://discord.gg/C8daF5HT
    • STARFLEET Corps of Engineers  https://discord.gg/mjVdHS4S

Second Email to CO/XO’s & reported CEO’s Region One

R1 Engineering update 202208.26

TO: R1 Chief Engineering Officers, and CO & XO’s currently filling that position.

From: RDC of Engineering, R1 Chief Engineer, Darrell Millner

ECT:002 SD: 202208.26  : Distribution via Discord, FB, and email.

Comm Line Open:

It’s said that – “The Devil is in the details” and I agree so the following is for the curious, the detailed

oriented, and for anyone stepping through the doors here in R1 Engineering as insight into our R1, SFI

reality. The idea is to lay out a few basics so that things don’t go unsaid. Let’s put a little TREK in your day.

These are this RDC’s intentions,

  • REPORTING: Let’s talk brass tacks for moment. The RDC program is intended to give you a point of contact, a place to share your accomplishments, connect with like minded individuals, the opportunity to participate in a reporting structure, access to resources, inspiration, and so much more.

o    Reporting is requested by midnight on the Last Day of the month in order for the RDC to compile its reports in a timely manner. You WILL get a confirmation within 24-48 hours, or it means I did not receive your email. Please send reporting to reports@r1.sfi.org – THIS IS KEY in the subject line include the words Report , Engineering ,  . If you have questions or concerns reach me via r1engineering@r1.sfi.org

  •  This is not a strict, monthly demand, “you spelled that wrong mister”, “I’m putting you on report” sort of arrangement. Report from a true person – “here’s where we are perspective”, or from a “today in our department persona perspective”, or simply “Hello from the remote recesses of Region One”.  The Comm Lines ARE open.
  • Participate: This RDC wants to stress “You are not REQUIRED to do anything” but if you choose to participate you are welcome to do so and we are here to support you at whatever level provides you and your team with the best STARFLEET experience possible.  Remember STARFLEET is designed to meet individuals at their level of interest & energy. You can enjoy any level you wish here from walking the corridors with your Raktajino showing your SFI Membership Card, take advantage of SFA (highly recommended), lead your own Department or Chapter, up to and including earning and becoming the Commander and Chief of STARFLEET itself. Anyone who tells you different should take their current disillusionment and sit in the observation lounge for a bit, ship counselors are available as needed.
  • RDC Program (Regional Department Chief of …. ) will be expanding, defining, redefining, and reaching out for input from all its participants to make this a positive, inclusive, dynamic experience for all those that wish to participate. This is also NOT a one person show. Zoom coordinates will be shared in the near future for a “Raktajino & Scones with the RDC of Engineering” date to be determined.

If you are a CO/XO and do not have an Engineering representative in your chapter, please reach out and let me know at r1engineering@r1.sfi.org We will be here to support you when you are ready.  I look forward to communicating with all of you at one level or another.

Computer, end transmission.

Initial Email to CO/XO’s Region One

Greetings from R1 RDC Millner

ECT:001 ED/SD:  202207.24

Hailing Frequencies Open,

As CO & XO here in STARFLEET Region One – I’m reaching out to you specifically today both to introduce myself and seeking your wisdom and assistance.  Thank you for taking a few moments to review and respond. It is greatly appreciated.

Let’s begin with introductions,

My name is Darrell W. Millner, recently appointed as the Regional Department Chief (RDC) of Engineering for Region One. I am also honored to be the Chief Engineer on the USS Heimdal NCC-1793 under the command of Adm. Linda Smith & XO Adm Willy Smith.  As CO & XO I wanted to take a moment to say hello, let you know that my wife and I will be at the R1Summit in August, and it is my hope that we will be able to meet in person.


As CO & XO if you would please advise me of your current Engineering status.

  • Do you have a Chief Engineer?
  • How many members of Engineering on your vessel?
  • What is your Class of Starship?


 If you DO have a person leading your Engineering Team, please forward my contact information to them and let them know I would very much like to communicate with them should they be so inclined. It is my hope to be a resource, a point of contact and sounding board for fellow Engineers here in the region.

Please know, I appreciate your time, being a CO & or XO is an amazing commitment to those on your team and thank you for your leadership, Qapla’

2022 Updated R1 RDC Engineering Logo

Capt Darrell Millner

RDC of Engineering Region One

USS Heimdal NCC-1793

Chief Engineering Officer


R1 / Delta-Sector