Enlist in Fleet!


If you live in the states covered by Region One (Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, North or South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia). Then we are your home for all things Fleet related!

Scattered through those states are almost 50 chapters to choose from if you are interested in joining STARFLEET. Some of these chapters meet in person at local venues, while others are more virtual and connect with each other online, and of course there are those that make the best of both options and offer a blend of in person and online activities.

Each chapters varies in the number of members and the types of activities they participate in. Some chapters volunteer for charities, host watch parties, or just get together to enjoy a meeting over dinner. They also might enjoy the occasional away mission and venture out into the world to experience things in a group setting. Away missions vary greatly, but some ideas are zoo trips, astronomical event viewings, temporal time travel (ie attend a Renaissance Faire), movie releases, conventions, and more. The members typically decide beforehand if they will go in uniforms, chapter apparel, everyday clothing, or in some cases costumes.

Just like in any of the Star Trek shows and movies, STARFLEET is organized in a manner as depicted in the fiction. Chapters are typically considered to be a ship within the Star Trek universe; however there is also the ability to have a space station as a chapter type. Each chapter is run by a Commanding Officer (typically a Captain) and an Executive Officer Team. They also may have a staff of Department Heads with specific duties to help run things.

When you join a chapter, you become part of the crew; an initial rank will be assigned and you will begin your Trek fandom career. Your chapter Command Staff will help guide you in getting the most out of your experience in STARFLEET. They will instruct you on how to progress through the ranks and get involved with any events and other opportunities the chapter has to offer.  You may also decide to join a department within the chapter to either help with running the chapter or just to add a flair to your experience. Some typical departments are engineering, medical, science, etc.

Your membership in STARFLEET does not just stop at the chapter level. STARFLEET has several other areas where you can get involved.

If you enjoy taking classes and learning new things or showcasing the knowledge you already have, then the Academy has lots to offer with hundreds of correspondence courses on many subjects that may interest you. A few of the courses provide detailed information on how STARFLEET is organized from the top Commander down to the individual members of STARFLEET.

If you enjoy a more military experience, then you will want to check out the STARFLEET Marine Corps. They offer a ton of programs and have their own ranking system as well. The Marines in fiction represent STARFLEET’s military arm and ground forces.

If you have questions about joining STARFLEET, Region One has a Recruiting and Retention Officer that can assist you with joining, finding a chapter near where you reside, and getting you setup with your membership. If there is not a chapter located near you don’t worry… We have a whole department of dedicated people that are willing to help you get a chapter of your own off the ground and into the skies on the right foot. Just let the Recruiting Officer know you are interesting in starting a chapter and they will take it from there and connect you to the right people.

If you have already heard enough and are ready to sign up and start your STARFLEET career, then just follow the link below to get started:


Remember STARFLEET is what you make it. Join us and make STARFLEET start your career with a new and exciting adventure! And above all else…… HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!!!